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Guruji Biography


Shri.math. Sivananda Pulipani belongs to the hierarchy of the Siddha Pulipani. Fue living pulipani and piddathipathi learned all the arts of the earlier twelve pulipani’s and organized and simplified them in such a way that it may reach all the peoples. He researched the palm leaves of his forefather’s and simplified them enclosing the method of prayer, method of yoga’s, manthra’s and medicines for the people. He dedicated hs whole life for this purpose. In addition to that it has been rendering his valuable service to the society temples by way of imparting the principles of siddha’s, siddha medicine and siddha art to the people.

Shrimath sivanandha pulipani patuira swamiji established an ashram and world siddha arts resource centre and the art of yoga through which he imparts the art of siddha to all over the world. There are people not only from India but also all over the world become disciple to get Diksha and to learn and practice about the siddha’s and the siddha arts life, yoga meditation and siddha medicine.

In the Ashram of Pulipani pathira swamiji regular ‘annanthanam’ is done to all the sathu’s, saniyasi’s followers. Shrimath.Pulipanipathira swamiji results to the problems of the followers and gives suggestion and solutions through his power of yoga and gods grace. Those who want to get the blessing and diksha, and want to learn the art of siddha may contact in person or over phone or through email: palaniaatheenam@gmail.com

Srimath sivanantha swamiji – spiritual personality: To be born as human is a boon, Man alone thinks, spirituality is the first step to attain enlightenment, or mukthi. Due to our spiritual involvement we can concentrate our mind and external body to good condition in order to attain mukthi. Spirituality is need to make man realize the worldly maya and make him attain enlightenment and wisdom. The concept of yoga is spiritual worship. Nothing happens without any reason. Each human body’s energy is Kundalini Energy. It acts in four Kundalis.