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Pulippani Tradition


Many of us unaware of Pulipani Siddhar in the realms of Tamil Siddha and at the same time there will be few people left among who knows the world famous siddha who attained the peak in his creativity and the power of his meditation and ‘dapas’ who, through his the power of his meditation and dapas had created the status of ‘Navapashana’ of Sri Gnana Dhandapani is none other than our Bogar the Siddha among the main 18 siddhar called ‘Pathineu Siddhar’.

Bogar accepted Pulipani as his andent disciple due to his sincerity and reverence to the guru and hence he wanted pulipani, unlike other siddhar, to lead a family life by marriage so that he and his successor’s generations after generation could edify the folk about Sri Gnana Dhandapani, ‘yoga’, ‘vadha’, and meditations.

Pulipani, readily obeyed the words of his ‘Guru’ Boga and married. He founded all ashram at the base of palaniampathi in the name of pulipani and started his service and his successors also have been following the service to the people generation after generation till now. It is not amaging that the seven direct descendants of pulipani, as they are the successors of siddha, attained deathless life through the art of yoga attained Jeeva Samadhi from the Bogar’s Jeeva Samadhi to the Pulipani’s Jeeva Samadhi at the base of Palaniampatti.

And then after the descendents of Pulipani generations attained Samadhi in the Ashram itself. They have been done Poojas and made a suitable place of worship of siddhas. The mainly hierarchy of seven Pulipani’s are as follows who have been rendering their dedicated service to Sri Gnana Dhandapani.


  • Siva Linga Deva Swamigal.
  • Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Karrana Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Kumarasami Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Paneeshwara Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Hari Krishna Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Arumuga Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Palaniappa Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Balagurunatha Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Boganatha Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Srimath Palaniappa Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.
  • Srimath Sivanandha Pulipani Pathira Swamigal.

The notable personalities among the pulipanis for their valuable service in imparting the art of siddhaism to the people are Harikrishna Pulipani, Boganatha Pulipani and Palaniappa Pulipani who got their name and fame in the individual art of their ours. Harikrishna Pulipani was famous for his art of magic and in the application of Ashtakaruma slogans’. Boganantha Pulipani held his fame through the practice the art of medications, yoga nad the alchemist (rasavadham), there are so many yogis got training and practice and serve till now.

Srimath Palaniappa Pulipani dedicated his whole life in the research of scientific approach in the studies of Astrology. The living Pulipani and the head of the ashram (Peedathipathi) Srimath Sivanandha Pulipani Pathira Swamigal collected all the arts of his ancestors who were in the form of palm leaves and made it simple and easy method possible to edification the art and method of worship, manthras, yogas and Meditation.

And to the ultimature he dedicated himself in clarifying the religions doubts, finding a solution to the disease and the personal worries of individuals. In order to make the people in harmony, peace and good health and wealth he participates in all the social services and renders suggestions in holy duties of the temples and continues his service in and as his ancestral approach.

Note: We may improve and develop ourselves through the explanations of Srimath sivanandha Pulipani in the arts and methods of siddhas. Yoga, meditation, religions, Astrology and Getting Dheetachi.