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Ashtama Siddhis


ASHTAMA SIDDHI Saiva siddhantham speaks of four steps in spiritual progress. They are Sarya(work to others) Kriya,Yoga,and Gnana. These four saiva Acharyas, Thirunavukkarasar (Appar), Thirugnanasambandhar, Sundharar, Manickavasagar, are supposed to represent these four methods.The Thevaram and Thiruvasagam which comprise the first eight books of the Thirumurai constitue the bedrock of saivism. The lives of the four great Acharys form part of their songs and consititute a unified lesson and inspiration for the saivites and their philosphy….In saiva religion, siddhars are numerous, a siddhar is one who has attained siddhi from lord, siddhi is “power, prowess, strength, ability”, then a special kind of psychic and supernatural, miraculous, occult power. There are eight kinds of super natural powers called as “Ashtama Siddhis”. Ashtama Siddhis which is believed to confer eight kinds of devises and super natural powers on those who have achieved it. The siddhar, through the power of their dapar merging with nature, being their body to a discipline and keep their body in any state they like. This is called Ashtama Siddhi or eight kind of siddhis.


  1. ANIMA : Expressing ones power even smaller than the atom.
  2. KARIMA : Keeping a state of mind away from worries and all.
  3. MAHIMA : Expressing and showing the Vishwaroopa.
  4. LAHIMA : Making the self lighter.
  5. PRATHI : Performing whatever is thought.
  6. PRAGANIYAM : Gaining all powers and transeding from one body to another.
  7. EASATHUVAM : Keeping one in all the states and attain the power of devine.
  8. VAISTHUVAM : Keeping one in all states and hymnotise all towards him.