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Siddhar Bogar


Eventhough these were many siddhar in Tamilnadu. Boghar was held top among them who, through his Dapar attained physical yoga. He developed his dapar power not only in Tamilnadu but roamed allover the countries like Rome, Itali, Malasiya, Indonesiya listening to the advise of his guru kalanginathar, he practiced medicine in the name of ‘Poyars’ for over two thousand years and by practicing ‘Priyanka yoga’ he developed his dapar power and felt through of Gnana and the power of universe.

At the end of Durabarga yuga, Bogar along with his disciple pulipani reached palani. In order to lead the people to the life of Gnana from maya by avoiding the physical sickness and mental sickness, they invited all the 18 siddhars to palani. They discussed with all the 18 siddhar and created ‘Nava bashana status (idol) of shri.Ghanadhandayuthapani swami in the beginning of ‘kali yuga’. He powered all his dapar power to the Navabashana stature and has been keeping it more powerful till now and it is a truth.

Boghar and his dapas in some part of Kashmir and created many disciples there. The people of Kashmir gained religious and siddha medicine through the disciples of Bogar. Inorder to do the regular ‘Parartha’ worship to shri.Ghanadhandayuthapani for years. He asked his ardent discipline Pulipani to get married and through his hereditary the pooja should be done to shri.Ghanadhandayuthapani.

At last Bogar attained’nirvakalpa samadhi’ at the southest corner of the temple of Ghanadhandayuthapani created by him. Till now the pulipani’s have been doing poojas to the Buvaneshwari statue, which had been done pooja by Bogar, the Maragatha Lingam which was his soul and the ‘yandras’ which has been showering the power of universe to all the above said. It is an amazing and an additional information that there is a ‘sub way’ from the Jeeva Samadhi of Bogar leading to the of shri.Ghanadhandayuthapani. the people who attained siddhi through yoga used to sit at the Jeeva Samadhi of Bogar and Bogar made them feel the greater power in ‘sutchuma’ way.